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17/04/01 Smart-XT-Link14 for 14 ports version updater v2.0 rev. 0.5
Smart-V-Link V4 Updater v4.1 rev.0.6
16/12/16 New Year Holidays Announcement
16/12/05 Smart-XT-Link6 for 6 ports version updater v1.0 rev. 0.5
Smart-XT-Link14 for 14 ports version updater v2.0 rev. 0.4
16/07/26 Office closed for Summer Holiday
16/04/26 Office closed for National Holidays
16/04/01 Smart-XT-Link6 for 6 ports version updater v1.0 rev. 0.4
15/12/16 New Year Holidays Announcement
15/10/14 Smart-V-Link V4 Updater v4.1 rev.0.5, Windows 10 compatible
Updated on Smart-V-Link.
15/09/14 Updated on Compatibility of Hadeco software with Windows 10
15/07/30 Compatibility of Hadeco software with Windows 10
15/07/15 Office closed for Summer Holiday
Smart-V-Link V4 Updater v4.1 rev.0.3
Smart-XT-Link6 for 6 ports version, V1 Updater v1.0 rev. 0.1
Updated on ES-100V3, Smart-V-Link , Smartdop XT and Probe List
14/12/22 Updated on Smartdop 45 and Probe List
New Windows software Smart-V-Link Version4.1
Smart-V-Link V4 Updater v4.1 rev.0.1
Office closed for New Year
14/09/26 New Smartdop XT.
Smart-XT-Link V1 Updater v1.0 rev.0.1
Updated on Probe List
Environmental Policy
14/02/19 New Windows software Smart-V-Link Version4.0
Updated on Probe List
STERRAD® compatible list
Medica 2013 Hadeco booth
2013 Hadeco Company Trip
13/12/26 New Year Holidays Announcement
12/12/27 New Year Holidays Announcement
12/10/19 New DVM-4500 and Fetal software Smart-Fetal Link.
12/06/19 Smart-V-Link V3 Updater v3.1 rev.0.2
12/05/25 Updated on Smart-V-Link for new features.
Smart-V-Link V3 Updater
12/01/13 Known problems with Smart-V-link V3.1 rev 0.0
12/01/13 Updated on Autoclaving probe ACP-08.
11/12/19 New Year Holidays Announcement
Medica 2011 Hadeco booth
2011 Hadeco Company Trip
11/10/07 Updated on ES-100V3 and Smart-V-Link for new improvements.
Smart-V-Link V3 Updater v3.1 rev.0.0
11/06/06 Smart-V-Link V3 Updater v3.0 rev.0.4
11/03/07 Updated on ES-101EX , ES-102EX , Smartdop 30EX , and Smartdop 45 for new improvements.
10/11/17-20 Medica 2010 Hadeco booth
10/11/11 Smart-V-Link V3 Updater v3.0 rev.0.3
10/03/31 Hadeco being featured on prefectural brochure " Kanagawa Excellent companies".
10/03/12 Smart-V-Link V3 Updater v3.0 rev.0.2
10/01/19 Smart-V-Link V3 Updater v3.0 rev.0.1
Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev.1.2
09/12/29 New Windows software Smart-V-Link Version3.0
09/11/18-21 Medica2009 exhibition (Medica official site)
09/08/01 New Version of Smartdop 30EX
09/08/06 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev.1.0
09/07/07 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev.0.9
09/06/19 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev.0.8
09/05/29 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev.0.7
09/01/08 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev.0.6
08/12/19 New ES-100VII 2MHz
08/11/19-22 Medica2008 exhibition (Medica official site)
08/09/17-19 HOSPIMedica ASIA 2008 exhibition in Singapore (HOSPIMedica ASIA 2008 official site)
08/08/18 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0rev.0.5
08/07/28 New version of ES-100V3
08/06/20 Smartdop 50EX/EX-F now comes with USB at no extra charge.
08/04/30 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0rev.0.4
08/04/30 New version of ES-100VX
08/02/06 DVM-4300/4300T now comes with USB at no extra charge
07/12/14 Renewed web site design.
07/11/14-17 Medica2007 exhibition ( Medica Official site )
07/10/31 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev. 0.2
07/10/11 Smart-V-Link V2 Updater v2.0 rev. 0.1
07/05/11 60th anniversary party took place on May 11, 2007.
07/01/08 Medica 2006 Hadeco booth
06/08/24 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.3 rev. 1.6
05/12/20 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.3 rev. 1.5
05/10/04 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.3 rev. 1.4
05/07/15 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.3 rev. 1.1
05/01/07 Medica 2004 Hadeco booth
04/10/01 Company name has been offically changed to "Hadeco, Inc."
04/09/13 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.2 rev. 0.4B to work with Windows XP Service Pack 2.
(Link error correction for the previous version.)
04/09/08 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.2 rev. 0.4 to work with Windows XP Service Pack 2.
04/09/08 Fetal Pocket Dopler ES-100VII, 2MHz fixed model
04/08/09 Echo Sounder ES-101EX, Newly CE marked product
04/04/01 New Hadeco logo
04/04/01 MEDICA 2003 Hadeco booth
03/12/26 Renewed the web site design.
03/12/09 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.2 rev. 0.3
03/04/03 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.2 rev. 0.2
03/03/31 Smart-V-Link Updater v1.2 rev. 0.1
03/03/20 ISO13485 certified, REG#: 1590200/QM/01.99
02/12/06 MEDICA 2002 Hadeco booth
02/09/11 New Windows software Smart-V-Link
Smart-V-Link Updater v1.1
02/03/14 V-Link Light for Bidop ES-100V3, 2nd release
01/12/26 Newly CE marking approved product:
ES-100V3 Bi-directional Pocket Doppler with waveform LCD
MEDICA 2001 Hadeco booth
00/12/08 MEDICA 2000 Hadeco booth
00/09/28 Moved into the original domain server.
00/04/04 Newly CE approved products:
DVM-4300 , DVM-4300T, Smartdop 20EX , Smartdop 50EX/50EX-F, and KM-25
99/12/01 MEDICA '99 Hadeco booth
Fetal Heartbeat Detector ES-102S
99/02/03 New version of V-LINK 3.3 for Windows, V3.3, Vasucular Link Software
Applicable Dopplers as of today: DVM4300 and Smartdop50 series
99/01/19 About Us updated.
99/01/07 EN46002 certified, REG#: 15902/QM/01.99
98/12/25 MEDICA '98 Hadeco booth
98/10/02 ISO9001 certified, REG#: JQA-2660
97/12/27 News on TV for KM25 award & Kawasaki Walk radio
97/12/12 MEDICA '97 Hadeco booth
97/11/10 MEDICA '97 coming soon.
Dusseldorf, Germany. Hadeco: Hall 9 Booth G03
97/10/07 KM-25 won Kanagawa Industrial Technology Award , 1997.
97/09/25 New Smartdop 50 Series
Print sample for DVM-4300
97/08/06 New model DVM-4300 for English site.
Construction finished for English site.
97/05/26 New models DVM-4300 and ES-100VX for Japan
97/04/01 Construction finished for Japanese site.
97/02/03 V-LINK update module for HD-2020
97/01/17 Opening Hadeco Dopplers Web site.