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CE0123 Smartdop XT

Compatibility of Hadeco software with Windows 10

*Roller cart is optional accessory.

Smartdop XT with Smart-XT-Link

Screenshots of Smart-XT-Link

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Testing module
1 Main Screen xt6_thumb_01_s
2 Automatic Arterial Testing Screen xt6_thumb_02_s
SD-XT6: Segmental pressure
testing for up to 14 sites is
available if desired.
3 Doppler Arterial Testing Screen xt6_thumb_03_s
4 PPG Venous Reflux Screen xt6_thumb_04_s
5 Foot Temperature Screen xt6_thumb_05_s
Except EU Member Nations
6 Custom Screen N/A
Available on SD-XT14 only.

Required system for Smart-XT-Link

OS Windows® 7/ 8.1/10 (English version)
CPU Celeron 1GHz or more
RAM 1Gbyte or more
HDD 50MB or more
Display SVGA(800 x 600 dots) or more, 256 colors or more